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I'm thinking of moving to Bisbee! 
10:37pm 05/03/2009
  Any suggestions? Rentals, jobs, cars, etc.? I'm originally from upstate New York, currently living in Portland, Oregon, and I need to get out. I've always wanted to live in the desert, and Bisbee looks... well, it looks like just the thing. Any thoughts?  
Venus de Mars and ATPH at The Grand Hotel 
06:54pm 10/10/2008
  Sunday, October 12th

Venus de Mars and All The Pretty Horses
dark glam indie rocker from Minneapolis, MN

Prior to the performance, experience THE SPACE LOUNGE
with DJ Venus

The Grand Hotel
61 Main St.
Bisbee, AZ

2-6pm is their performance.

Venus and ATPH are on their Western tour, and might
not be back this way for a while.

Sample the sound, here:

Is this thing on? 
08:03pm 20/05/2007
mood: amused
So, I see no one has posted here since last year. I just joined and wondered if anyone is actually still here?

Hullo? :)
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Wanting to meet friends... 
02:47pm 30/08/2006
  Hey, I live about 30 miles north of Tombstone and would like to get to know some people either close or in Tombstone or Bisbee. Check my info page to find out about me and my website.

Have a good day.
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Farmer's Market 
04:34pm 03/06/2006
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The Great Fortune Telling Lion and more of Brewery Avenue 
12:08pm 23/04/2006
  I am a photo addict. I will take photos of anything. My husband says I have a sickness.

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Wow. There is so much packed in this little street. There is a ton more I didn't even photograph.
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Earth Day in Bisbee 
03:00pm 22/04/2006
  The Earth Day festivities were a bit of a disappointment from my perspective - There weren't a lot of sustainable energy booths, a huge recycling drive or really any info that people were really going to use. Additionally, we couldn't find the recycling until we left! There should have been a huge sign, but who am I to say anything, I didn't organize it.

Regardless, people were enjoying the music.

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02:54pm 19/01/2006
  whoa, i can't believe there's a community all about bisbee. i just wanted to say hello and stuff. i live in san diego, but my grandma lives in bisbee, i go out there every now and then for a few weeks at a time. i love it out there. the antique stores are great, and well, everything else.

so hello!...i guess thats all. haha.
Like the last person ... 
02:35am 08/01/2006
  I am also relocating to Bisbee. I'm in Atlanta, GA now, and I am trying to get everything setup with a place to live as well. I looked online, and I haven't been able to find one place to rent. All I need is a small room and a bathroom. A kitchen isn't even necessary. I will either be sitting on my piano (keyboard) most of the time, or I'll be traveling around outside.

So, despite all that, it'd be nice to meet some cool people out in Bisbee too. Check out my livejournal; if you like what you see, say hello.
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01:10pm 04/01/2006
  Hi! I'm moving to Bisbee in February to go to herbalism school. I'm looking for a 6 month lease on a one bedroom or studio apartment in Old Bisbee for myself and my cat. Does anybody in this community have any advice or leads on finding a place? Thanks :)  
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11:09am 20/08/2005
  I love Bisbee and my husband and I are going to move there next year if we can agree on a location. :)
I took this photo when I was last there in July

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Welcome to Bisbee! 
02:04pm 11/12/2004

Bisbee, Arizona!
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