It gives an inconvenience and it is sorry (anderale) wrote in bisbeeaz,
It gives an inconvenience and it is sorry

Earth Day in Bisbee

The Earth Day festivities were a bit of a disappointment from my perspective - There weren't a lot of sustainable energy booths, a huge recycling drive or really any info that people were really going to use. Additionally, we couldn't find the recycling until we left! There should have been a huge sign, but who am I to say anything, I didn't organize it.

Regardless, people were enjoying the music.

Quicktime movie of everyone dancing [just under 5MB - don't click if you're on diaup]:

This dude was in his own world having a blast.

These people are probably all still there dancing.

Flower girl - there was a bee girl, but I didn't catch a photo of her.

A van we saw on the way in the Warren area
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