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Hi! I'm moving to Bisbee in February to go to herbalism school. I'm looking for a 6 month lease on a one bedroom or studio apartment in Old Bisbee for myself and my cat. Does anybody in this community have any advice or leads on finding a place? Thanks :)
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And you're coming from Austin, my adopted hometown. Weird. :-P

Welcome to Arizona! I'm in Tucson, but I lived in Old Bisbee for about 5 months. I lived in a house on the C level of OK street, basically "below the 'B'".

Bisbee is amazing. I've heard great things about the herbalism school, too, but I've heard it's tough and demanding, as well as rewarding.
Wow so you are in Tucson now? Or Austin? Your profile says Austin. I don't know what you mean by B level and C level. I mean I get the concept but I don't know Bisbee yet. Turns out there are no apartments in Old Bisbee that will take cats. Any advice on another area to live in? Or how hard it would be to find a place once I get there?

I'm excited about herb school but also thinking I'm a little crazy for leaving my stable job to become an herbalist. But hell, I already knew that I'ma little crazy :)
Welcome! Here are some Bisbee Rentals. Although my husband and I have a house outside of Douglas (in the mountains), we wanted to get a little rental right in Bisbee since we spend a lot of time there. I love it out here!

Thanks! As it turns out, none of the realtors have apartments in Old Bisbee that accept cats. And I think if I leave my kitty behind he will die of heartbreak (he got real sick when I was gone for just two weeks). Hawk snack? Is it real dangerous to let cats outside there? I'm thinking I'll just drive out there and see what I can find when I get there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll find SOMETHING.
That stinks. I can't believe none of them allowed cats! I wouldn't ever leave my animals behind, so I don't blame you.
It is dangerous to let cats out (and small dogs). There are tons of hawks, owls and other birds of prey. I'm not right in town though I still wouldn't let them out in town.
Thanks, that's really good to know. My kitty is used to being indoor/outdoor and I would've been looking for a place where I could let him out. He's just gonna have to deal with being an indoor cat for a while. And that will mean I can be more flexible about where my apartment is located. Funny the little bits of information you wouldn't even think to ask for!